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SELL Secure Review UI
  • Digital Identity checking

    We check from several social media sites, webmail providers, whois databases, and other open data sources to get a full picture of any email.

  • Phones, adresses and IP Lookup

    We have unique on phones, address and IP. With them you can know roaming infos, carrier, type of building, proxys, VPNs etc...

  • Bank card informations

    With 6 first digit you can discover the name of the issuer bank, the country, type of card : credit, debit, or a prepaid card. Payment by Paypal ? We can know if the user has an account!

  • A one-page UI

    Your fraud investigator need all the info they need in one blink. We created a one page website then you can take decisions real quick

  • API

    Because 2/3 of your review queue are full of obvious false positive we can treat them automatically with our machine learning API

  • Anonymity

    We take privacy seriously. All data requests are anonymised and data providers cannot track information.

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Why Review ?

Fraud managers need solutions to make quick decisions with contextual information.

  • 25+checks / reviews
  • 10 seconds max
  • 100+ Rules
  • 200 customers
  • 10+ yrsfraud expertise

We are already the leader in France on Fraud protection, and we spends tons of hours doing reviews. From this knowledge we created a unique UI to make the review faster and smarter. First because our investigators wanted to improve their work and finally we build it as a product because we really think we can revolutionnarize the way the company do thier manual reviews. Review is made by and for the fraud investigators. And it's a never ending process, we keep bringing some new features, checks to our UI.

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